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The summer is upon us and now everyone started thinking about dieting.

While some of us prefer to lose weight in care of a specialist, others try to find solution in dieting according to a friend’s advice, some shock diet or simply hearsay knowledge. Diets applied blindly actually damage our organisms: our metabolism slows down, causing resistance to weight loss. What’s even worse, metabolism disorder causes such serious medical conditions as renal impairment, vascular occlusion, heart attack, intestinal disorders, uncontrollable weight loss, thyroid disorder, neurological disorders, acute anxiety and depression. Acıbadem Etiler Medical Center’s Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melis Torluoğlu told us about 7 dieting mistakes that weary our metabolism and cause health problems.

1- Reducing carbohydrate

“I am on diet, I don’t eat bread, rice, pasta” is one of the most frequently used sentences we hear in spring and summer. However, when we remove carbohydrates from our lives, we face such problems as fast muscle loss, fatigue, debility, neurotic tension and sudden sweet cravings. Together with that, it is vital to remember that our brain’s fuel is glucose: less than 50 g of daily glucose consumption causes decrease in cognitive functions. Instead of completely cutting off carbohydrates, everyone, even diabetics, are advised to consume certain amount of such complex nutrients as whole wheat bread, fruits, cracked wheat, whole wheat pasta and soup, in their weight loss nutrition programs.

2- Trying to increase the weight loss by consuming herbal teas

It is often said that in order to increase weight loss, one should drink more herbal teas. However, senseless consumption of herbal teas causes body fluid retention and increases intestinal functions, deceiving us on the bathroom scale. Besides these effects, excessive and blind consumption of herbal teas may cause toxic effect in the liver, heart rate irregularity, changes in blood pressure and even renal damage and excessive fluid loss.

For this reason, it is essential that you consult a specialist before consuming herbal teas.

3- Applying Rihanna, Shakira and Madonna diets

Diets that you see on TV or read in the magazines and newspapers can be harmful and even lethal, especially if you have a metabolic disorder. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melis Torluoğlu emphasizes that just as everyone’s appearance, life style and nutrition habits are unique, so should be their diets, and adds: “Consequently, applying ready-to-use diet programs can cause slow down metabolic functions and lead to weight loss resistance”.

4- Using weight loss medications
Weight loss pills that are advertised and consumed without consulting a specialist can cause renal impairment, heart attack, thyroid disorders, toxic effect in the liver, intestinal activity abnormalities and serious damage to nervous system.

5 -Black-listing certain foods

Such rich nutrients as potatoes, carrots, peas, corn and bananas are unfortunately the first nutrients that we usually give up when we diet. However, giving up on a certain nutrient is not something you can do for the rest of your life, and only increases your craving. Instead we should prefer to consume these nutrients in limited amount and timing.

6 - Excessive Exercise

Exercise without sufficient energy and protein, without predetermined meals before and after working out, senseless and long sportive activity only cause muscle loss and slow metabolism. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melis Torluoğlu also states that persons with excessive weight who have never exercised before may face such problems as joint disorders. World Health Organization advises 150 minutes of exercise per week. Consequently, one should first achieve this goal, and then the amount of exercise can be increased under control of a specialist.

7 - Unlimited fruit consumption

Although fruits are healthy nutrients with nutritional characteristics varying according to seasons, the fructose, acting independently from insulin, can cause fast lipoidosis in the belly area. Due to this fact, it is advised to consume fruits in certain portions in accordance with your energy requirements.

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