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Environmental Policy of Acıbadem Hospitals Group;

Acıbadem Hospitals Group fulfills its tasks with a quality service principle in accordance with its mission and vision while at the same time keeping an environmentally friendly and responsible attitude.

To this end, the group;

- fulfills all environment related requirements as per the JCI standart while complying with all local and national environmental laws and legislations.

- identifies wastes generated by all health institutions as a result of their activity as the primary target and creates a waste management plan specifically tailored for each individual institution in order to dispose the waste in a manner that does not threaten the health of patients and personnel.

- works to minimize the amount of waste and separates recyclable waste in accordance with this plan.

- delivers the non-recyclable waste to relevant institutions for their disposal according to laws and legislations.

- creates awareness about environmental responsibility among all its employees and conducts trainings based on their individual responsibilities.