Obesity Causes Kids To Loose Their Self Confidence!

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The greatest entertainment for kids is to spend hours in front of the television or computer. When children, who should be playing outside or doing sports, spend a large portion of their time being inactive, many problems become inevitable. Although the most important problems are known to be physiological children who are obese also face a number of psychological problems. Lack of self confidence, inability to adapt to social life and social exclusion are only some of the serious problems that await obese children. Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatric Specialist Dr. Banu Küçükkırım provided information about the health problems caused by obesity in children.

Bad eating habits and inactivity put children’s health at risk

The bad eating habits and inactivity that come with modern life contribute to the risk of obesity in children as much as in adults. When children consume large amounts of food full of fat and calories they cause fat to accumulate in their bodies and therefore become overweight. Being inactive when they should be playing outside or doing sports is also another factor that causes obesity in children. Spending many hours in front of the television or computer makes children inactive and also causes their metabolism to slow down. Studies show that all of these factors have contributed to increasing the rate of obesity in children at a rapid pace.

Even if a genetic predisposition for obesity exists it can be avoided through establishing routines in your life

In addition to changeable factors like food or exercise another factor that is important in causing obesity is genes. In fact studies on genetic factors show that if both parents are obese the chance of the child becoming obese is 80 percent, if only one parent is obese 50 percent and if both parents are thin the child’s chance of becoming obese is 9 percent. However when environmental factors are regulated, physical activity is increased and nutrition is more balanced and organized, even children with a genetic predisposition for obesity can overcome obesity.

Obese children can be unhappy in their relationships with other children

In addition to physiological disorders obese children experience difficulties in their social life. Academic failure, limited employment possibilities and inability to lose weight can decrease self confidence which causes obese children and young people to lead an isolated life. Obese children can be mistaken to be much older because of their size and when they are not able to achieve performance that is expected of people in older age groups their social skills may be badly affected.

80 percent of the overweight kids from today are the obese adults of tomorrow

Although rare, obesity can also cause physical complications in children. Excess weight can cause adverse effects especially on the muscle and skeletal system. Respiratory problems and reduced- effort capacity are some of the other difficulties experienced by young patients. In future years these problems can lead to the risk of cardio-vascular problems and diabetes in children.


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