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Acıbadem Sports Medicine Center strives to become one of the selected reference centers for medical specialties of orthopedics and traumatology both in Turkey and in the world. The center provides diagnosis and treatment services for sports injuries and health problems experienced by athletes.

Medical Centre of Excellence Award

Our Sports Medicine Center is a proud owner of "FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence" certificate. Designated by the FIFA Medical and Research Center as a "Centre of Excellence", Acıbadem Sports Medicine Center comprises special units that specialize in health care for amateur and professional athletes. Furthermore, Acıbadem Sports Medicine Center provides consultancy services in the field of medical infrastructure control and sports; and creates personalized programs based on evaluation of such factors as age, sex, body structure and cardiovascular capacity. "Personal performance increasing exercise programs" are also offered.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases requires cooperation and information exchange among physicians with various specialties, and a mutual decision making process. As other units of our Group, our Sports Medicine Center embraces such a multi-disciplinary approach, increasing the success rate in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Advanced Technologies

Wingate Testing Equipment

A test system that is used for demonstrating the overall explosive power of the athlete's legs, and his ability to sustain such power.

Max VO2 Measurement

A system that is used for measuring the actual level of the maximum amount of oxygen that the athlete can utilize during appropriate exercise under laboratory conditions.

Isokinetic System

A comprehensive system that allows comparing left, right, front and rear groups of arm and leg muscles, numerically measuring muscle power and enabling the muscles to reach desired speeds. 


Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) therapy is particularly used for treatment of chronic tendon pain, calcific tendinitis and heel spurs.


A system that is used for vertical and horizontal speed and power development, by means of flexible resistance bands.

Shuttle-Run Test

Shuttle-run test helps determine the athlete's aerobic capacity by calculating his/her maximal oxygen uptake (VO2Max), and maximal aerobic speed or velocity at maximal uptake (vVO2Max). The test requires the athlete to cover 20 meters running in shuttles until exhaustion; whereby, the pace is dictated by "beep" sounds that accelerate every minute.


1. A capacity of 40km/h, a slope of up to 35% and a platform specifically designed for running.

2. Allows observation and assessment of linear and lateral speed and power development.

Portable Ergospirometric System

This system that can measure VO2Max while the athlete is training.

Motion Analysis

Motion analysis software is an advanced software package that provides detailed analysis of sportive movements, allowing us to determine problematic joint movements.

Elliptical Trainer

An exercise machine that offers weight-bearing form of exercise whereby the resistance is determined based on the user's weight. It allows two athletes, e. g. a male weighing 104kg. and a female weighing 52kg., to perform the same exercise upon entering of their program levels and weights into the system. 

Portable Lactate Analyzer

Measures lactate level while exercising, allowing observation of the athlete's metabolic response to exercise.

Balance and Proprioception Evaluation Exercise System

Allows for evaluation of the balance and proprioception of the shoulder and leg joints, enabling this data to be used for planning the athlete's exercise regimen.

Walking and Running Assessment
Customized Insole Manufacturing

Offers professional foot pressure screening with the assistance of highly accurate dynamic pressure measurements. Allows manufacturing of custom made insoles, depending on the sports which the athlete is involved in. 

Whole Body Vibration

(Power Plate) The selected vibrations and exercises allow individuals to gain rapid increases in muscle strength and bone mass density.

Arm Ergometer

Arm cycles designed to help individuals who are unable to exercise standing up due to problems in their legs, to retain their cardiovascular capacity and also, to help individuals who use their arms to practice sports to further enhance their performance.

Performance Evaluation Testing System

A system that performs 17 different tests to evaluate athletes' performances under laboratory conditions and real life settings.

Mobile Metabolic Measurement System

A system that can determine the daily amount of energy consumption in detail.

Reformer Pilates Equipment

An exercising equipment that allows athletes to perform pilates on his/her own.

Shoulder and arm proprioception evaluation tool

A state-of-the-art system that allows for evaluation and development of proprioception of the shoulder joints, which is considered as the most complex joint of the human body. Evaluation of deteriorated proprioception due to shoulder and arm injuries in athletes with extensive usage of the shoulder joint and arms (particularly basketball, volleyball, tennis and golf players) is of utmost importance. Such evaluation supports athlete's rehabilitation and helps him/her to return to his/her pre-injury performance level.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services:

Chronic Diseases

Our center provides services for individuals who are diagnosed with chronic diseases and who must exercise as part of their treatment for such diseases. We provide individuals with common chronic diseases such as hypertension, coronary arterial diseases, asthma, pulmonary diseases, cancer, joint arthritis and fibromyalgia, information on the exercises that they can perform; and if required, the opportunity to exercise within the hospital's facilities. Before selecting the exercise to be performed, our specialists assess the information about the treatment that the patient is undergoing, and create a personalized exercising program bases on this information.  This ensures that the patient is efficiently involved in exercising, and that he/she is protected against potential negative outcomes which may be experienced while exercising.


Our center also provides services for children aged 5-12 and their families. Our specialists provide assistance to families who are in the process of determining the sports branch that is right for their child, on the basis of the child's physical condition. Children are subjected to a series of performance tests to determine their physical condition and compare with that of peers, allowing determination of their best abilities and the sports branch that they may be most successful in. The entire process is carried out by taking into account, in addition to the child's physical condition; his/her personal interests and access to sports facilities.

Amateur Athletes

Despite offering many benefits for healthy living or entertainment; sports activities may lead to serious injuries, diseases, and even sudden death if not performed correctly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for individuals who wish to engage in sports activities to learn about which branch of sports can be practiced at which level. The more individuals are informed about their predisposition to injuries in connection with their physical condition, the less likely it will be for them to experience an "accident". Upon arrival at our clinic, individuals who wish to engage in sports activities undergo a detailed examination; whereby, their physical condition and any issues that may potentially present risks are determined. In line of the results obtained, they are informed by our specialists about the sports branches from which they will benefit the most, as well as the ones which they should refrain from.

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes receive priority service at our Sports Medicine Center in two areas. The first one comprises services offered for treatment of injuries that athletes may experience during games or training; and the second one is preventive medicine.

Arthroscopic surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, spinal surgery and prosthetic surgery operations are successfully performed by nationally and internationally acclaimed orthopedists of our Athletes' Health Care Center. Both pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitation of athletes who do not undergo surgery yields successful results. Sportive rehabilitation services are provided by physicians, physiotherapists and sports trainers with broad experience in their fields.

Fields of Specialty





Sports medicine

Nutrition and dietetics

Orthopedic surgery

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Exercise physiology

Applied biomechanics

Cardiology and thoracic (chest) diseases

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