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Acıbadem Hospitals Group's Anesthesia departments provide services in all of our hospitals and surgical medical centers prior to surgical procedures performed within the scope of patient care and treatment services.

The offered services include pre-operational medical evaluation, treatment of pain during and after the procedure, and dealing with vital issues. The department undertakes anesthesia procedures for surgical, diagnostic or treatment-oriented operations, same-day surgeries, painless childbirth, and brain and spinal cord surgery operations.


Anesthesia departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group provide services with utmost vital importance within the scope of advanced diagnosis and treatment processes.

Highly qualified physicians who are specialized in their fields provide successful anesthesia applications in departments of cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery, childbirth, gynecology, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, ear-nose and throat, urology and eye. 

Anesthesiology in Acıbadem