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Breast Health Center of Acıbadem Health Group provides advanced diagnosis and treatment services for breast cancer, embracing a multi-disciplinary approach backed by advanced technological infrastructure and specialized physicians.


Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer requires cooperation and information exchange among physicians with various specialties, and a mutual decision making process. Our multi-disciplinary approach which incorporates several medical specialties, increases the success rate of our patients' diagnosis and treatments.

Acıbadem Breast Health Centers embrace such a multi-disciplinary approach.  These centers provide multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment services for patients in the fields of breast surgery, plastic surgery, radiology, pathology, medical oncology and radiotherapy; with experienced teams of specialists and the latest technological devices.

Breast cancer patients receive a comprehensive service that includes nutritional and genetics consultation, psychosocial support programs, supporting services such as physical therapy and training seminars. All breast cancer patients may benefit from our training seminars, free of charge.


3 Dimensional Mammography with Tomosynthesis

One of the most advanced methods offered by digital technology. The technique allows taking serial images of the breast during screening, making cancerous masses more clearly visible, and facilitates early diagnosis of cancer. The enhanced capability to provide a correct diagnosis reduces unnecessary screening, biopsy and other medical procedures.

4 Dimensional Breast Ultrasonography

4 dimensional breast ultrasonography, the latest technological development in breast ultrasonography, allows imaging of the breast under standard exposures. The image sets obtained are then evaluated on a special screen, by a specialized physician.

Vacuum Biopsy

This is the most advanced method among needle biopsy methods, and allows removal of small and benign masses in their entirety, without requiring an operation.

MRI-Guided Biopsy

MRI examination of the breasts is used as a pre-operational procedure to determine whether other focal findings exist in breasts of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. It is frequently used for screening patients who pose a high risk. These technologies allow detection of dubious findings which other imaging methods fail to indicate in several patients.

Intraoperative Radiotherapy

A single dose of radiotherapy is delivered during the operation by means of a linear accelerator, as in conventional radiotherapy. This method is implemented in the operating room by means of a reliable portable device which can be moved by a linear accelerator, which only generates electron energy and which requires less protection for staff members, similar to conventional linear accelerators. The operation is jointly performed by a surgical team, a radiation oncolog and a medical physics specialist. This allows completion of radiation therapy during the surgical operation.

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