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Proper treatment guided by experienced professionals, application of appropriate technology and modern medicine provides significant support to patients with malignant diseases. The team's expertise, latest medical technology and infrastructure provided by “Acibadem Sistina” help the patients suffering from cancer, who must endure a long and complex treatment.

Multidisciplinary approach to treatment options

The most effective way in curing cancer is the multidisciplinary approach when making decisions about the treatment options. Oncology requires cooperation between the expers in different fields of medical science. Consultations and teamwork among the medical professionals from different areas of expertise is of particular importance in the diagnostics and treatment of cancer. These multidisciplinary bodies, the so-called "Tumor Councils", consisting of medical professionals from various specialties provide common solutions and share responsibility in the treatment of cancer patients. As a result, the centers that integrate a multidisciplinary working principle show positive results in the treatment and follow-up of cancer patients. At Acibadem Sistina Hospital, such approach is a priority in the treatment of patients suffering from cancer.

Treatment Modalities:
• Medical Oncology
• Radiation Therapy

Cancer Center in Acıbadem