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Center for Assisted Reproduction (IVF)

The "Mala Bogorodica"Center for Assisted Reproduction is pioneering the implementation of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in the Republic of Macedonia. The team of top professionals infuse confidence to future parents. The highest commitment, individualized approach to patients and selection of the most appropriate treatment - our formula for achieving good results!

Our aim is continuous investment in patients’ care and understanding their specific needs. Aware of the patients’ trust, we continuously learn and improve our knowledge, in order to justify the fact that "Acibadem Sistina" is always the first choice for solving your health problems. The Center for Assisted Reproduction takes pride in the high percentage of successful IVF procedures - more than 9000 and of healthy newborns - more than 3000 up until today.

Globally recognized, highly sophisticated techniques for assisted reproduction are our imperative. Our team employed the PISCI method (a technique that significantly increases the percentage of pregnancies and reduces the number of miscarriages), for the first time in the Republic of Macedonia. The PISCI method carried out at our centre allows the selection of adequate mature sperm without DNA damage and reduces the chromosomal disorders to a minimum.

Eggs Vitrificaiton

At the Center of Assisted Reproduction, we have also introduced vitrification - the latest method of eggs and embryos rapid freezing.

Egg and sperm donation

Sperm, egg and embryo donating is carried out in accordance with Macedonian legislation. The Center for Assisted Reproduction has multiannual experience in the donation program. Assisted reproductive techniques using donor sperm are offered to couples diagnosed with absolute male infertility (azoospermia), or to couples at risk of a genetic disease transmission. For the purpose of donor material supply, we have established cooperation at a high level, with the most reputable sperm bank in Europe.


Center for Assisted Reproduction (IVF) in Acıbadem