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In our center, the physical, sexual and psychosocial development of adolescents aged 10-18 years is assessed, and the vaccinations administered are examined and the missing ones are completed.

In addition to the evaluations for the height and weight measurements of adolescents in our center, the risk assessments are performed for the infections frequently observed during adolescence, eating disorders, obesity, weakness, fatigue, menstrual cycle problems, ascending testis and varicocele in males, breast diseases in male and female adolescents, bone health and osteoporosis that will cause psychosocial problem and impair their healths in the future, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and their follow-up and treatments are arranged by an interdisciplinary approach when a health problem is determined.

On the other hand, with a social pediatric approach, the recognition of the child's requirements and early intervention in related problems; prophylaxes; health, nutrition and social education of the community; organization in health care service with the training of technical personnel and coordination and cooperation studies between social institutions related to this subject can be carried out.

In our center, all services are provided with the concept of "Adolescents Friendly Health Services" model proposed by World Health Organization.

Child and Adolescent Health Center in Acıbadem