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Ductoscopy is a diagnosis and treatment procedure used for viewing possible cancerous, wart-like lesions in the milk ducts which result in a discharge from the nipple. The procedure is also used to remove the lesions.

These wart-like lesions in the milk duct, which measure 1 mm in diameter, cannot be seen during ultrasound or mammogram which is why the ductoscopy procedure is used.

Which disease is it used to diagnose or treat?
It is used in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

How is it implemented?
This endoscopic procedure involves the insertion of an optic scope through the milk ducts in the nipples. The images of the 1mm wide wart-like lesions in the milk ducts are displayed on a screen. The lesions are indicated on the screen and can be removed during the procedure.

What are its features?
Lesions that have been identified can be removed during the ductoscopy procedure without requiring surgery. Cancerous lesions in the milk ducts of patients who do require surgery will have already been indicated. This enables surgeons to perform surgery with minimal damage to breast tissue. Patients are not subjected to radiation.


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