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Gait analysis is an important part of the muscle, joint and skeletal system examinations.

For years, an observational gait method has been used, however this method has been not sufficient for a detailed explanation of the complicated gait parameters. Therefore, it also has not been sufficient for the planning of the diagnosis and treatment steps. Furthermore, the experience of the healthcare professionals is also an important aspect in this method. Especially the pediatric patients having parameters varying according to their age,  the alterations in muscle and skeletal structures due to increase in height led to new technologies to arise which are more detailed compared to the observational method.

Computerized 3D gait Analysis technique have been helpful in describing the gait disorders objectively, detecting action and contraction times of the muscles, in detecting joint range of motion and in planning the treatment steps.  Thanks to this technology,  it has been possible to explain the complicated and characteristic walking structures of the individuals as well as to manage the diagnosis and treatment steps of gait disorders and to determine patient-oriented and case specific approaches This technique is especially invaluable for detecting gait disorders due to neurologic, orthopedic, physiotherapy and rheumatologic issues.

It is extremely important to use this technology in the diagnosis and treatment of gait disorders primarily in pediatric patients.

Medical Devices used in the Gait Analysis Center

Our Gait Analysis Center provides its services under Pediatric Neurosurgery Department of the Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital with its state-of-the-art technology equipment. By means of eight infrared cameras, 2 HD video camera, power platforms and software, the diagnosis and the treatment of the gait disorders are planned in a detailed way. Our team consisting of highly experienced professionals to help patients with gait disorders by providing a multidisciplinary and patient-oriented approach.

The most important stage of the individual gait mapping is to perform an evaluation by using the Computerized 3D Gait Analysis technique.

Gait Analysis Center in Acıbadem