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In this department, where diagnosis and treatment is provided for all diseases related to the digestive system from the esophagus to the anus, patients are served with a multidisciplinary approach by gastroenterology, general surgery, radiology and oncology specialists.


In the gastroenterology section esophagus diseases (esophagitis, reflux, hiatal hernia, cancers); Stomach and duodenum diseases (ulcer, gastritis, selim-stromal-malign tumors); small and large intestine diseases (ulcerative colitis, crohn disease, tumors) anus and anal canal problems (fissure, fistula, hemorrhoidal disease, incontinence, prolapsus), liver-pancreas-gall bladder and bladder canal diseases are assessed and treated by general surgery and gastroenterology specialists.

During the diagnosis stage support is obtained from radiology specialists and when necessary radiological procedures (biopsy, drainage, stent applications) are done. All surgical procedures are carried out using laparoscopic or open methods.

The follow-up of patients diagnosed with cancer is evaluated by a board of relevant specialists and those that require gastroenterology surgery have their pre-op and post-op oncological monitoring and treatment planned.


Gastroenterology Surgery in Acıbadem