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Gynecologic Oncology unit, which addresses gynecologic cancers under Gynecology and Obstetrics departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group, undertake procedures for cancer screening, as well as colposcopy and laparoscopic procedures for early diagnosis and treatment of cancers.



Developed by NASA to enable surgeons on earth to operate on astronauts in space, the ‘da VINCI’ robot, operates through micro incisions and enables 3 dimensional imaging. Thus, even the most difficult operations are performed with ease. The robot only requires a physician who guides it through a console located outside of the operational zone.

It is used in several areas; primarily urology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, ear-nose and throat and gynecology.


Magnetic Resonance (MRI) is one of the most impressive diagnosis methods among new imaging techniques that are available today. This method enables early detection of tumoral masses, before the onset of disease symptoms. In cases which are difficult to detect using classical methods, MRI examinations facilitate diagnosing tumors. Parallel imaging and unifying software of the MRI device make it possible to obtain high quality imaging with optimal resolution in less than 30 minutes, while the patient comfortably lies on the mobile table of the device.

During the procedure, while the patient is inside a cylinder that creates a strong magnetic effect, the MRI device sends out radio waves that excite the hydrogen atoms in the patient's body to release energy. Data pertaining to thousands of hydrogen atoms that are moved due to magnetic effect are stored in the computer. Examination of such data provides extremely accurate and high quality imaging for the patient.

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