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In the Acibadem Hospitals Group Hand Surgery department patients with hand, wrist, elbow and arm problems are provided with diagnosis and treatment services.


All problems concerning the hand and arm area in adults are diagnosed at the Hand Surgery department, and treated with emergency or scheduled surgery, or other methods of surgical treatment.

In this department;

All complications like hand and arm fractures, dislocations and related incorrect bone union or nonunion and joint defects are treated.

Tumors in the hand and arm area, open wounds, vein, nerve and tendon injuries and tissue loss are treated using microsurgical methods. Problems that occur increasingly more in our present day due to excessive use, like nerve impingement, tendonitis and joint calcification can be treated with outpatient procedures.

Arthroscopic surgery can also be applied to wrist problems. Muscle transfers can be done in cases of stroke in the hand and arm region.


Hand Surgery in Acıbadem