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Organ transplants have become an urgent necessity in Turkey and throughout the world. The Acıbadem Organ Transplant Centers perform liver transplant on organ donors and organ recipients.


The specialist surgeons, gastroenterologists, radiology and anesthesiologists and supporting healthcare staff at the Acıbadem Liver Transplant Centers provide a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Orthotopic Liver Transplants
The Acıbadem Liver Transplant Centers perform liver transplants from living or deceased donors using orthotopic methods.

An orthotopic liver transplant involves the replacement of an entire diseased liver with a healthy liver. Removing the entire diseased liver reduces the future risk of developing cancer and other diseases. Approximately half the liver is transplanted to the recipient from a living donor.

Living donors are discharged 5-7 days after the transplant. The organ recipient is discharged 15-20 days after the transplant. The transplanted liver grows rapidly and is soon able to meet the needs of the recipient.

Liver transplants can also be performed on children. The livers of children are smaller than adult livers therefore a small portion of donated liver is sufficient for a transplant.


Liver Transplantation Center in Acıbadem