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The lymphatic fluid which is formed as a result of the cellular activities in our body enters the bloodstream after passing and cleansing through the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. The impairment of this circulation causes lymphatic fluid to accumulate and lead to swelling of the certain areas of the body, mostly the upper and lower extremities, and is called "lymphadenoma". Lymphoedema can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen and lungs.

Lymphoedema is generally observed in people who are treated for cancer and those who have congenital lymphatic insufficiency. In cancer treatment, the lymphatic fluid accumulates and causes a swelling, ie. lymphoedema, in the arm if axillary lymph nodes are resected and radiotherapy is performed and in the leg if inguinal lymph nodes are resected and radiotherapy is performed.

A treatment service is provided in our center in order to control both the lymphoedema due to this reason and the lymphedema due to congenital insufficient lymphatic system which is commonly develops in the legs.

Also, the "Lymphoedema School" program is regularly held each month to prevent the lymphedema which has a risk of developing due to cancer treatments. 

Lymphoedema Treatment Center in Acıbadem