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The Department of Nephrology provides continuous kidney disease patients monitoring, nephrology counseling to patients and their families on kidney diseases prevention, as well as individual risk factors assessment. Our team offers a unique integrated approach to taking care of the health of kidneys, combined with the possibility of concomitant cardiac and urological consultation.

The Department offers a wide range of outpatient examination and relevant procedures, including:

• Microscopic analysis of the urinary sediment with nephrological interpretation and counseling
• Nephrological consultation in urinary tract infections
• Urinary system, adrenal glands and prostate Ultrasound examination
• Ultrasound examination of the abdomen
• Ultrasound examination of the testicles and parathyroid glands
• Renal doppler ultrasound 
• urinary catheter insertion and replacement 
• Nephrological monitoring and therapy for specific groups of patients (with kidney transplants, with diabetic nephropathy and with chronic renal failure)
• Treatment of arterial hypertension
• Treatment of urinary tract infections
• Treatment of Glomerulonephritis and other nephropathies
• Renal anemia treatment
• Diabetic nephropathy treatment
• Treatment of Chronic kidney diseases
• Kidney transplantation preparation
• Interventions with ultrasound control

Kidney Pain Center

The Kidney Pain Center provides fast and efficient identification and diagnosis of flank pain, offering, at the same time, pain relief. At any time, patients can conduct consultation on kidney stones and receive diagnostics and treatment of kidney pain.

Intervention procedures with ultrasound control

• Kidney Biopsy
• Prostate Biopsy
• Insertion of nephrostomy and maintenance of nephrostomy drainage
• Renal cyst Puncture and sclerosation 
• Insertion of central venous catheters allowing the cleansing of blood during hemodialysis

Dialysis treatment

The Department provides numerous types of dialysis treatment, with the use of the most contemporary equipment and the latest dialysis filters:

• Hemodialysis
• hemodiafiltration
• Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) for the critically ill at the intensive care unit
• Plasmapheresis

Nephrology and Dialysis in Acıbadem