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A pedagogue, also known as a child psychologist, is an expert who monitors the psychosocial, cognitive and emotional development of a child as well as providing parents with consultancy services. 

The pedagogy services offered in our unit are:

• Understanding babies, children and adolescents: monitoring, evaluation

• Family consultancy: assisting in teaching fundamental habits including nutrition, sleep, and toilet training, correcting behavior, resolving family communication and relation problems, improving sibling relations

•  Coping with emotional, social and behavioral problems:  Providing support for problems regarding impulsivity, stubbornness, rage, shyness, anxiety, maladjustment, being unable to make friends, fears, traumas, phobias, hyperactivity, slowness, negative habits, identity crises, trust issues

•  Coping with academic problems: Teaching skills to help combat school phobia, academic failure, exam anxiety, and problems with friendships

• Understanding, evaluation, guiding, monitoring an individual: Collecting information from family members, teachers and counsellors by observation, tests and surveys. Measuring and evaluating intellect, personality, development, attention span and memory.

• Play therapy and individual therapy sessions

Pedagogy in Acıbadem