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The Perinatology Unit provides expectant mothers suffering from hypertension or diabetes or who are undergoing a high-risk pregnancy involving pre-eclampsia, early labor, fetal developmental or growth problems, with diagnosis and treatment services.


Our Perinatology clinics offer scans and detailed ultrasound examinations to determine fetal structure and chromosomal anomalies as well as the early diagnosis of disorders of the placenta. Our clinic works in close collaboration with the neonatal intensive care unit.

•    Early pregnancy evaluation and ultrasound,
•    11-13 week, 19-23rd week detailed ultrasound examination 
•    Fetal echocardiography
•    Evaluation and consultation services provided to patients suspected of carrying fetuses with abnormalities or anomalies 
•    Managing high risk pregnancies,
•    Evaluation of fetal growth and fetal development using Obstetric Colored Doppler ultrasonography,
•    Evaluation of multiple births,
•    Application of prenatal diagnostic methods including chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, and cordosentesis (fetal blood sampling) 
•    Fetal reduction or feticide


Perinatology and High Risk Pregnancies Center in Acıbadem