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Prisma 3 Tesla MRI

Prisma 3 Tesla MRI device provides specialists with more reliable information through rapid acquisition of high-resolution data. The device operated on the principle of receiving a higher amount of signals from tissues by creating a strong magnetic field. It offers new opportunities in imaging and screening of brain functions, organ morphometries and tissue metabolisms.

The technique through which the Prisma 3 Tesla MRI device operates offers new generation MRI technologies that are developed for neurological, whole body, abdominal and multi-parametric prostate imaging, and have the capacity to provide high-resolution quantitative data without being adversely affected by any movements by the patient. The device makes high-quality imaging possible in advanced neurological, orthopedic and prostate-focused examinations.

Advantages: The high movement flexibility of the device makes it easier for the patient to take a suitable position. This, in turn, enables the device to provide detailed images with high resolution from thin slices. The high signal detection capacity of Prisma 3 Tesla MRI also makes it possible for even small lesions to be identified. The short scan duration renders it a preferable option in emergencies.


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