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Psychology departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group provide services in the fields of individual psychotherapy, family therapy, marital and couple therapy, and adolescent and pediatric psychotherapy.

Conditions in connection with which treatment services are provided by psychologists include; depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, traumatic disorders, psychological problems accompanying relationship problems, divorce-related problems, post-divorce depression, senior depression, loneliness, mourning-related depression, post-delivery depression, work-related problems and stress, social phobia, personality disorders, school-related problems, attention disorders, learning problems, anxiety and fears experienced during preparation for university education, career counseling, infertility, obesity, chronic disorders (cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, etc.) and fatal diseases.


All psychotherapy programs implemented at Psychology departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group are delivered by psychologists in weekly sessions. The program to be implemented is explained in detail to the client, within the framework of confidentiality and limitation principles. When required, the case is followed-up in cooperation with the psychiatry department.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy programs provide treatments for inter-family communication problems, coalition and boundary problems, unexpressed feelings, personal and familial awareness, and treatments to improve empathy.

Marital and Couple Therapy

Marital and Couple Therapy programs involve therapeutic studies pertaining to subjects such as open communication, expression of feelings, honesty, improvement of self-confidence and empathy, self-awareness and couple-awareness, and efficient problem solving. A psychological support program is available for couples with, or undergoing treatment for, infertility problem.

Adolescent and Pediatric Psychotherapy

Adolescent and Pediatric Psychotherapy programs cover subjects including parental counseling, psychotherapy for schooling children, adolescence depression, developing self-confidence, learning problems, handling anxiety experienced during preparation for university education, career counseling, behavioral problems associated with expression of aggression and anger, relationships with the opposite sex, sexuality, and familial conflict during adolescence. Furthermore, pre-operational psychological support is provided for children to undergo surgical procedures.

Psychology in Acıbadem