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Utilizing products of advanced technology, Radiology departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group are capable of performing all diagnostic and invasive radiologic procedures.


Radiologists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group have broad experience and knowledge to perform diagnostic procedures such as general radiology, computerized tomography, mammography, panoramic x-ray, digital fluoroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, color Doppler ultrasonography and angiography; as well as invasive therapeutic procedures. Patients remain under physician supervision throughout all diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Our radiology department has the technological infrastructure to perform "telemedicine" applications. "Telemedicine" applications enable transferring digital images among medical centers in different countries via the internet; allowing information exchange and consultation among physicians.

Using the 2 mini-PACS system, all radiographical examinations can be stored digitally; they can be sent to work stations at film reading rooms via the intranet system; whereby, they can be evaluated without being printed on any film.

Radiology in Acıbadem