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Tomotherapy HDA

The technique is used in treatment of tumors that are located in risky areas and makes it possible for radiotherapy to be administered without harming the surrounding health tissues and cells.  All oncological treatments which require radiotherapy can be performed with the Tomotherapy HDA method.

The method is particularly prominent in the following: pediatric tumors, bilateral breast tumors, head and neck tumors, laryngeal tumors and nasal cavity tumors, mesothelioma irradiation (in the linings of the lungs and abdomen), brain and spinal cord tumors, complex radiation procedures and protection of risky organs (such as eyes, spinal cord and hippocampus), simultaneous irradiation of multiple tumors, bone marrow and whole body radiation with the IG-IMRT technique, irradiation of multiple metastases and irradiation of tumors of secondary grade and higher grades.


The tomotherapy method makes it possible for the whole body to receive three-dimensional imaging-guided, quick and precise treatment from head to toe.

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