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The skin is our largest organ that protects us against external factors and provides heat insulation. Every kind of damage that occurs on our skin is called a wound. Human body is programmed to heal the wounds by itself.

Sometimes it would take a long time for a wound to heal or their healing process can be interrupted. A wound that has not healed between 4 and 6 weeks is called a non-healing wound or a chronic wound. A lot of external or inner (belonging to one’s own body) effects can cause this delay.

Wound care aims to find the causes that prevent the healing of the wound, to eliminate these causes as much as possible, and to create a suitable environment for the wound to heal.

In wound healing, laboratory studies, and imaging methods are used to reveal the underlying disease or disorder. Afterwards, the relevant branch doctors provide the necessary treatments and take the necessary precautions. Wound care is done by using the necessary medical wound care equipment and tools.

Wound care tools are specifically designed for the target wound. This equipment helps the healing process of the wound to continue to the next healing stage. The wound care specialist uses the necessary equipment according to the condition and the needs of the wound.

Only doctors and assistant health personnel who have been trained professionally for wound care should do the wound care.

It should not be forgotten that the mistreatment may cause the patient to lose the limb where the wound is or the patient’s life may be threatened.

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